What Is Counterfeit?


A counterfeit product is a fake or imitation made with the goal of tricking you into believing it is genuine. We are committed to protecting you from counterfeit products that are being sold as genuine UGG and I Heart UGG products.


Some Fall 2014 merchandise has been produced without the holographic sun logo on the sewn-in label. Please scan the QR code to guarantee authenticity.

“BEWARE OF TEXT MESSAGES: Currently UGG Australia does not contact customers via text message regarding promotions and special sales and we will never do so without explicit permission. Should you receive such a text message, please disregard as it is most likely from a counterfeiter and part of a scam.”



If you have shopped online for UGG® boots, shoes or accessories, you may have already been exposed to the thousands of Counterfeit UGG Websites advertising their fake UGG products using wording such as "cheap uggs", "discount uggs", “uggs on sale” or websites calling themselves "ugg outlets" or "ugg shops". These phrases will frequently be accompanied by misspellings such as "ugs" or "ugz", an indicator that the goods are most likely counterfeit.

Some websites will even have "flash sales" offering fake UGG products at one-day-only deep discounts. These websites often even contain the UGG brand name or popular product names in their website address. These are all illegal sites that are intentionally trying to deceive you into buying UGG counterfeit UGG and I Heart UGG products. Be careful.

Craig’slist, eBay and other online auction and forum sites are also a common outlet counterfeiters use to sell fake UGG products. We have put security features in place on genuine UGG and I Heart UGG products that you can use to spot fakes.

If you are shopping online for UGG and I Heart UGG products, we recommend purchasing from:

Authorized Online Retailers


Counterfeiters often host tables at flea markets and garage sales in hopes of duping unsuspecting customers into purchasing fake UGG products. Often these products look very real and may be difficult to detect if it is a fake UGG boot, shoe or accessory. We have put security measures in place to help authenticate products.Learn about security features here. If you are shopping at a retail store for UGG products, visit only our authorized retailers.


You may not know that buying counterfeit products has a significant impact on the global economy, eliminating tens of thousands of jobs with legitimate businesses and costing the economy an estimated $600 billion of revenue a year. Counterfeiters don’t pay taxes nor do they provide fair wages or benefits to their employees. Worse yet, they are not accountable to human rights and environmental regulations nor do they adhere to child labor laws, anti-sweatshop laws, or restricted substances laws. This puts workers and the environment at risk, and you too, because you don’t know what materials were actually used to make the counterfeit products. You are also putting yourself at risk of identity theft when you shop counterfeit sites. There is not one good thing about counterfeit products, and all of the harm that can come as a result drives us to fight this ongoing battle every single day.